Project Player Interview #7: roman


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RU Leader

Art by Kalalokki

Favorite Pokemon: Milotic

Most used Pokemon: Virizion

Most known for: Ruining the RU discord with an overwhelming spam of kermit, not to mention his works on the RU forums as well as playing in officials.

During my vacations, I stumbled across a public pool in North Carolina. Decided it was a good time for a refreshing break from all these interviews.

However, upon entering the pool I got cramps and started drowning. I was so close to dying. During my struggle for air I started screaming so the lifeguard would save me, however I was hit with a very indifferent "lol" from him.

He wasn't moving at all, nor did it look like he planned to, "I'm drowning!!! Help!!!" were my words, and "lol do it urself" were his. When I woke up, I was surrounded by a familiy that helped me, after thanking them I went straight to the lifeguard and demanded an explanation as to why he didn't take action, he said "wig" and then looked elsewhere.

I was gonna get a word or two with this guy...

Hey roman, how is it going?

its going good

That's good to hear pal
Back when gen 7 started, you were one of the few new names I saw get more recognition as time passed, so I figured it'd be cool to interview a player that made a name for himself in this very generation instead of older players
Would you mind telling me about yourself?

theres not that much to me, i spend most of my time doing school / swimming (im hoping to swim d1) / working and my free time goes to spending time on here and with friends

That's neat, when did u start swimming?

since i was 5

Damn thats an entire lifestyle
So tell me about your background, childhood, where ur from, anything about yourself you'd like people to know about

i grew up in nc and actually started playing pkmn when i was super young and my cousin gave me a copy of emerald, i played that shit so much that my parents got pissed and threw away my copy

And how did you get into smogon / PS?

uh iirc i joined to play a mono tour actually, i believe i played ps casually super late for a month or two in 2016 and joined for real in 2017

And how did you find out about it?

i was actually feeling a lot of nostalgia from playing the games as a kid, and so i searched for a looong time to find somewhere to play pokemon and eventually found ps

And how did you stumble across RU?

after seeing some other monotype players branch out into main tiers (for example sabella ou wanka uu) i decided to branch out as well and after playing a bit decided to stick with ru

How has your experience in the community been?

it's been nice, i appreciate how it's tight knit and everyone knows each other

Now what drove you to start playing competitively? RU is known for having a lot of players interested in the tier that dont have that drive to play for bigger tours

i've always been competitive but making officials seemed unattainable at first, after playing for a while i started seeing other mains get recognized and picked up (alfons, kw etc) and started working towards it as well

Are there any players that catch your interest? Both veterans and newcomers

not impressed by any newcomers but it would be a pleasure to see evi, aldo, and col play in officials and take them seriously again

Could you drop a team that better represents your playstyle and explain your thought process behind it?

charm came up with cryo + slowbro and it complements my play style nicely- solid defensive backbone with good offensive pressure to handle threats like virizion
that cryo should be ice beam tho

Dope looking
You are known for having many previous names, what are the origins behind them all?

romanticist cuz we were learning about romanticism in school, then i shortened to roman to make it look better (not my actual rl name lol) minamoto no raikou is my waifu and sza is my fav singer
and i used fujino for a while shes my other waifu

What about that one ppl always mention, the kenny one?

kennyth is my middle name
i wouldve just kept that on smog but i dont like the color of kenny and changed before i knew you could change ps colors

Thoughts about the current RU metagame and its playerbase? Seeing how the gen is ending it'd be p cool to hear what u gotta say about it, feel free to talk about old metas too

i like how the meta is dominated by balance, it's what i'm most comfortable using and idk i just like it a lot. don't rly like how insane virizion is rn - it has a fuckton of sets that are difficult to handle but everything else is fine
dont know much about old metas so bop

Aight, any last words u wish to tell the fans?

zygarde is broken goodbye

lmao thanks for ur time roman, stay charming


Feel free to ask roman any questions you want!

If you have any reccomendations I'll be more than happy to read them, just PM me!

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